Welcome to SpreadsheetWeb Hub! SpreadsheetWeb Hub is a no-code platform that helps business users translate their Excel expertise into secure, responsive, and database-driven applications directly from their spreadsheets with built-in workflow and reporting tools while providing companies with a higher level of data governance.

This is the page where you can start to manage your workspace.

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You can use the menu on the left to navigate between pages.

Instead of using that menu you can also open a navigation bar by clicking on SpreadsheetWeb Hub logo, located on top-left side of the screen.

You can open a search bar to filter pages by clicking on the arrow under the SpreadsheetWeb Hub logo.

From this button, , you can choose to Hide/Minify and Lock the Search Bar.

From the Settings button located on top-right side of the screen you can open Layout Settings and customize your SpreadsheetWeb Hub UI.

You can change the theme color, switch between light and dark modes, fix the header bar and apply accessibility options to enhance your user interface experience.

Quick Navigation button can be used to access pages easily.

By clicking on your profile picture, you can open a menu with options as:

  • Account opens your account settings.
  • Settings, opens layout settings, Fullscreen, and Logout.




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