In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Data Layout feature to have better control over your data page layouts per application via adding different data layouts, as well as better control over the layouts and data page that is visible to your users.

Layouts can be managed by Data Layout button in the Data Page.

Save Layout as New

You can save a new layout with Save Layout as New command. Once saved and selected you will be able navigate between saved layouts and manage them.

  • Text: The name of the layout
  • Set as default layout: Set the layout as your active layout.

Note: Save Layout as New command is visible only if the user has Data Page Edit Mode claim.

  • Save Layout command allows you to change your active layout’s name.
  • You can apply your layouts to specific users or user groups that under same Identity Template by using Apply Layout feature.
  • Users: Select the users you want your layout to be applied.
  • Templates: Select the identity templates you want your layout to be applied.
  • Set as default layout: Set the layout as target users’ active layout.
  • To delete a layout, simply click Delete Layout button to delete the active layout. Be warned that, the layout will be deleted from any applied user as well.

The Data Layout feature is useful when you want to determine which information each user can see. A common scenario is to create a layout that includes only fields a certain user can see without giving Data Layout claim. By this approach, the user cannot see what shouldn’t be seen.