Statuses, users, and groups play an important role in SpreadsheetWEB’s workflow features. Using these options, you can track where in the pipeline a record is, who is working on it, and restrict access to certain applications or data.

You can do these transitions manually from the Data page, or automatically when a save event occurs. You can define these properties from the Action button configurations.

To transfer the status or ownership of a record, you need to have a save event in an action button. When you add a save event into a button, three fields will be added – change status, change user, and change group.

If None is selected, the system will assign everything to their default values. This means that a record will not be assigned to any groups, will get the first status in that application’s configuration, and will be assigned to the user who created that record.

Selecting Static for any of the three options will give you additional options where you can select from available statuses, system users, or the groups that the application currently belongs to. Note that the static option will always assign a record to the options selected here, regardless of any other system access.

Selecting By Value Of from any of the options will give you a new field called Named Range. Here, you can select from any of the named ranges in your workbook to determine what value the specific property will be set to.