The Single Record Per User feature allows each system user with the correct access type to login with their accounts, and access their data from when they last saved it.

This can be especially useful for when you want to create a membership-based application where users can access their data directly through the same URL, without having to work inside the Control Panel.

The Single Record Per User feature can be enabled from the Edit Application page in the Designer interface. Once enabled, you need to publish your application for this change to go into effect.

In addition to enabling this feature, you also need to make sure that the application Access Type is set to either Restricted, or Restricted with Registration. You can set this property from the Edit Application page by pressing the blue button next to the application name in the Applications page.

The end users must be assigned a role that does not have access to the Control Panel. Guest user (no Control Panel Access) can be used for this purpose.

Once all settings are in place, users accessing this web URL will be asked to log into their accounts, or create a new one. Once they log in, the system will direct them to a new blank record. Once they enter data and save, the information will be kept in a record that is assigned to that user. Note that the system does not have an auto-save feature, and the users have to press an Action Button with Save Event to trigger this feature.

From that point, users are going to be able to continue their work even if they log out and log back in. All users can use the same web URL to login, and everyone is going to be only seeing their own data.