Named users in SpreadsheetWEB must be assigned a user role during account creation. The role type you select for a user determines which parts of your SpreadsheetWEB account, as well as the data from web applications that user can access.

SpreadsheetWEB user management module allows selecting from a number of user roles.

Admin users always have access to all data, applications, and every piece of the system, regardless of other restriction types. We recommend reserving this role only for the highest-level users in the system.

Standard users can open, create and delete web applications, but cannot manage users or groups, and have no access to some of the advanced features like the analytics page. Standard users can see all data saved by any user in the system. This user type is best suited for manager-level users.

Limited users can open and use web applications that share the same group with them. However, Limited users cannot create, edit or delete existing web applications. They can’t access data saved by any other user in the system and can only see their own data. Limited Users also can’t manage users or groups. This role is ideal for lower-level users in the workflow.

Guest users have no access to the Control Panel, and can only access the application they signed up through using its URL. Guest users will be required to register when they try to access an application with Restricted with Registration access type for the first time.