Designer applications have data visualization support, where you can display static or dynamic data on the user interface.

SpreadsheetWEB uses data a bit differently than how you may be accustomed to selecting chart data in Excel. While Excel can plot a chart using any data in a tabular structure, designer applications require your data columns or rows to have headers. Otherwise, the very first row or column of the table will be considered the header and that data point will not be displayed on the chart.

Your data can be vertical or horizontal. By default, the system assumes that your data is in vertical structure. If your data is on a horizontal table, make sure to enable the Inverted Data option.

Inverted Data swaps the X Axis Field and Y Axis Field data fields, without actually transposing them in the underlying Excel file. This way, you’re going to be able to select the row labels from the corresponding X and Y axis fields, and the chart will be plotted with the data from those rows.