Labels in this context refer to the data points shown on the chart area itself. For customizing the Axis Labels, please see the previous video.

The labels of a chart can be configured by clicking on the chart in the User Interface Designer, and then pressing on the blue Labels button on the bottom of the configuration menu.

You can remove the label texts by disabling the Enabled property. The text font can be further configured from the Font Family, Font Color, and Font Style fields.

You can modify the text and data shown on the labels from the Format field. This field accepts keywords specific to your chart type, and can display the data used in a specific data field in that chart. These keywords must be placed in curly braces ( { } ), and the keyword must match the data ID given in our help pages. For example, you can use {x} to display the value of the X Axis field on each data point on charts with multiple axes.

Furthermore, you can also configure the formatting of a data field placed with a keyword using available formatting options given on our help pages. Use brackets ( [ ] ) to add any custom text here.