Tooltips are text boxes shown on the chart area when you hover your mouse over any of the data points. This feature can be especially useful for when you want to add more information as to what the chart is showing, but don’t want to clutter the user interface by adding all of that information on the chart area itself.

All charts and diagrams in designer applications support tooltips. You can configure the tooltip options by clicking the chart when you’re on the User Interface Designer, and pressing the blue Edit Tooltip button on the bottom of the options window.

Here, you can enable or disable tooltip texts from the Enabled option. The Background Color property controls the color of the section behind the tooltip text. We recommend using contrasting colors between the Background Color and tooltip Text Color to make it easier to read during runtime. The tooltip text properties can be further customized from the Font Color, Font Family, Font Size, and Font Style settings.

You can define the tooltip text to be displayed from the Format field. Here, you can use any of the keywords applicable for your specific chart type. For example, charts with multiple axes support options like x, and y. The formatting of the data field can be customized by adding a colon after the keyword, and entering an appropriate formatting option as provided on our help pages.