You can configure the chart colors by clicking the chart when you’re on the User Interface Designer, and pressing the blue Edit Color Scheme button on the bottom of the options window.

Here, you can customize the chart colors by selecting from any of the presets, or defining the options from scratch from the Custom tab. The presets found under the Colorful tab use a few different tones of a few colors. The Color-Blind tab presets offer options that are easier to distinguish. The Sequential tab allows selecting a single color and using different shades of that color on the chart area.

To select each color on your chart individually, go to the Custom tab and select the colors in the order they will appear on the legend. You can now click a color on the menu and select it from the color palette, entering its hex code, or RGB code.

Pressing the Save button will apply your changes. To take all your changes back and reset the color layout to its defaults, press the Clear to Default button.