In this tutorial, you will learn what is a workspace and how to create a new workspace (buy Basic or Pro), how to add a Payment Method, how to select it for payment.

A workspace is a collection of all of your work: your applications, your tags, and your data. Effectively, all content that you create or contribute to will live under a workspace. You can belong to multiple workspaces, typically through invitation, but the system also allows for one free-tiered workspace per user.

To create a new workspace:

  • Go ‘’My Workspaces’’ page.
  • Click on ‘’Create New Workspace’’
  • From the opened page you can view our licence package options and choose the one most suitable for your business.
  • After choosing one, you will be led to the purchasing page.
  • Click on ‘’Add Payment Method’’ and enter your card information. You can add multiple payment methods. Payment methods can be deleted anytime.
  • When your payment method is confirmed click on ‘’Buy Workspace Now’’.
  • You will be charged and your new workspace will be added to your ‘’My Workspaces’’ list.