In this tutorial, you will learn how to,
1.  Assign tags to applications
2. Assign tags to saved records
3. Using Tags in Identity Templates for defining the user rights
4. Assign specific tags to with Action button in Applications

1. To Assign Tags to Applications,

  • Go to the Applications page.
  • Click on edit and click the button for an application.
  • From the Tags field you can select tags to assign to your application.
  • When you are done, click on Update Application

2. To assign tags to saved records,

  • Go to Data
  • Select an application from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose a record and click on assign tag
  • From the pop-up window, you can choose which tags to assign to the record. You can assign more than one tag to a record.
  • When you’re done click on Save Changes.

3. To apply tags while creating an Identity Template,

  • Go to Identity Templates
  • Click on Add New User Template.
  • Choose Access by Tags options for the rights that you want to apply tag-based rules.
  • Choose which tags to apply from the Tags field.
  • When you’re done click on Create Template.

 4. To assign specific tags to with Action button in Applications.

  • Go to Applications page.
  • Click on Go to Designer.
  • Choose User Interface,
  • Drag and drop an action button to your application.
  • Add a Save event to your action button.

After that, you can choose to assign tags while saving a record to the application’s database. Changes will be applied after the application is published.