You can format the values displayed in input grid columns using the masks feature. Please note that this property will only be available if the Use Metadata Formatting option is disabled, otherwise all formatting will be controlled by the workbook metadata. You can change the mask properties from the right hand menu when you click the control in the user interface designer.

Mask type options can include options like decimal, integer, date, time, percentage, and currency. If you select numeric fields like integer, decimal, currency, or percentage, two additional properties for minimum and maximum values will become available. These two fields allow setting a minimum and maximum allowable value for the cells under that columns. If you select a numeric mask type like decimal, currency, or percentage, you’re also going to be able to set a precision level by entering a value into the precision property.

When Is List Static? is disabled, the system will assume that the contents of the dropdown list could change with each calculation. If your dropdown list is generated through formulas, make sure to disable this option. Enabling this option on the other hand, will affect performance positively.

Show Formatted List Options will display the formatted values for the dropdown list items and the formatting rules will come from the properties set in the underlying Excel file.