You can change the header title of an inline input grid by clicking that column under the Table Named Range Columns section, and editing the Title property.


Has Header

Select this feature if the selected named range contains headers in its first row.

This has an important effect upon calculations and can also aid in the auto-generation of columns for this grid control, so ensure that this value is updated appropriately


Hide Header

Enable this feature if you’d like to hide the column headers in the first row.


Table Named Range Columns – Enable Row Editability By Value

This option allows disabling a row based on the outcome of a Boolean field. Mask Type must be set to Boolean for this option to be available.

When enabled, this option disables a row based on the value of the selected Boolean field. A True value indicates that the row is enabled and editable, while False disables the row and prevents the row from being edited. If the grid is Form-Based, then this will also prevent the row from being removed.

If more than one column has this option enabled, the corresponding row will be disabled if at least one such column has value False in the row.