Formula based input grids differ from inline grids in how data is entered into the table. To change the input grid type, select the input grid in the user interface designer, and select Form-based from the Type of Input Method property.

Form-based option will display all rows of the table named range that is mapped to this input control, whereas Form-based Start Empty Grid option will show an empty grid, and populate rows as user enters more rows into the table.

Both Form-based and Form-based Start Empty Grid styles feature a set of buttons above the input grid. To add new data into the input grid, click New. The system will create a form window which consists of input controls that are derived from the grid columns.

In form based grids, you need to select an empty row, and then press the Edit button to enter data. In the start empty option, you can press the New button to insert a new row of data. The system automatically detects the input types based on the grid columns when creating the grid form. To delete a row, simply select that row in the table, and press Delete.

Please note that an input grid will not allow more new records than the underlying table named range contains. This means that if the table named range contains 10 rows in the excel workbook, users are not going to be able to add an eleventh rows by pressing the New button.