Yes. SpreadsheetWEB supports TDE in Microsoft SQL Server. Note that TDE is only supported in SQL Enterprise Edition.

There are two ways of enabling TDE. You can either enable it manually or use the following database scripts. Note that SpreadsheetWEB has its own database file where internally used information is stored. It also creates one database file for each of the sites created within SpreadsheetWEB. You have to run the SpreadSheetWEB script for the SpreadSheetWEB file. Also, you have to run the PSWDataStore_X (X:Site ID) script for each of the sites. Once SpreadsheetWEB’s data file and the site data file are encrypted, SpreadsheetWEB will be working without any issues.

Note that prior to running these scripts, encryption key (@MKPassword) and database file name (@DatabaseName) should be edited. Also, running those scripts may take a while on the whole database. You can see the percent completion if you run the script once again, after running it for the first time.

Please contact and request these scripts.