By default, queries will run when a calculate event occurs, either automatically or with the press of an action button. You might want to change this behavior for reasons like improving the application load and calculation performance, or tie the data to certain other events. The query trigger options are found on the bottom of the query options.

Trigger On Calculate (default): This option indicates whether this query should run on every calculate event. This can happen as a result of pressing an Action Button that has Calculate event, or changing the value of a control that has the Trigger Calculations property enabled in the UI designer

Trigger On Load: This option indicates whether the query should be run on the initial loading of the application. Since loading is also a calculation, the TriggerOnCalculate functionality already covers this scenario. This setting can be useful for improving the application run-time, by preventing the queries from being triggered at initial load.

Skip On Load Record: This option is only available if Trigger On Load is enabled. This indicates whether the query triggering will be skipped on the initial load if the request is loading a record. In other words, if Skip on Load Record is enabled, the queries will only be run when a new record is being created, and nothing will happen when a record is being edited.