How to create a new application using Automated App Creation

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To create a new application using Automated App Creation,

  • Go to your applications page.
  • Click on create application and upload the Excel file.
  • Then choose Try it! option.
  • Automated App Generation starts with the selection of worksheets that contain the cells or ranges you want to use in your application;
  • Check the sheet names you want to be generated automatically.
  • You can add any controls from any worksheets manually in Designer after the automated generation process.
  • Make sure to select only worksheets to be included in the application’s User Interface (UI).
  • Once selections are made click the ‘Edit User Interface’ button to see the first user interface sample generated by SpreadsheetWeb Hub.
  • If you want to build your application by yourself you can click on ‘Publish’.
  • You can see the layout of your application in the Preview section.
  • You will see tabs to navigate between pages if you select multiple worksheets.
  • The Controls section lists all available cells and ranges.
  • You can add or remove controls in the generated user interface by checking and unchecking items.
  • Use the Publish button once you are satisfied with the user interface.
  • “Data Import” question only appears in data collection applications. If you choose ‘Yes’, the data contained in the Excel workbook will be imported to the application’s database.
  • Next, the system will suggest to apply a stylesheet to your application. You can choose from existing templates in the system or choose to create your application without a stylesheet.