Public Cloud:

This is the simplest licensing model. You can be up and running in minutes. We host your application and data at our data center. There is no long term commitment. You pay month-to-month and can cancel anytime.

In public cloud model, you don’t have a dedicated server assign to your usage. You share hardware capacity with other public cloud clients. So you may experience some performance degradation if you have a high traffic application.


Private Cloud:

In this model, we still host your application and data. But we dedicate a virtual machine to our usage. Hence you won’t experience the potential performance degradation at high traffic application as in public cloud model. You can also bring your own domain name and customize the look and feel of the Control Panel to reflect your corporate like using your logos, changing color schemas etc. We can also offer you server capacity at a data center near your locale.

Private cloud requires annual commitment.


On-Premise (Server):

In this model, you purchase the software and install it in your own data center. Hence the application and its data stays within your network. This is ideal for businesses in regulated industries such as financial services, banking, and health care. You can fully customize and white-label the software in this licensing model.

Server requirements for installing SpreadsheetWeb on your own server can be found here.