Yes. You can use the Inline Frame (Iframe) to easily integrate the converted application to your website. Below is a guide on how to use iframe to embed an application to a website. Let’s take a look at a sample application that is used for collecting contact information.

You can use iframe to embed this application, with its full capabilities, into your website. An inline frame, or an iframe is marked up as: <iframe src=”></iframe> “src” is used to plug in a URL code.   Essentially, the iframe code will appear in your website source code, like this:

  “width” and “height” values are both in pixels, as in a resolution parameter. “name” specifies the name of the iframe application and has to be a text. “frameborder” determines whether a frame surrounding the iframe will be displayed, can be 0 or 1 (not supported in HTML5).   In an iframe code, these three parameters are important for the looks and accessibility. You need to adjust these accordingly, so that the application will not overlap with other items and be clearly visible. If the “width” and the “height” do not match the size of the applications visual, scroll bars will appear even if you disabled them. When placed on a website, the application will look like this:

If you are getting two scroll bars and want to remove one, please see this page.